MORTAL LOVE news + updates
Concerning a new album

Hi guys

Sorry it has taken so long for us to let you know what’s going on. The reason is this:

Our sound has changed. We sound way better than before (nah, just kidding – but we sound a little different). We’ve written well over 50 songs, 10 of those were chosen for our upcoming album.

Once we discovered that a more direct and less guitar-heavy sound was in our hearts (and coming out of our instruments), we knew that our record label, Massacre Records, might not want to use their option of releasing our next album.We played the new songs for them, and after some thinking and deliberation they decided that they did, in fact, not want to release the album.

You’d have to ask them for the exact reason why, but our new songs probably wouldn’t fit in with their profile, and Massacre would, we’re pretty sure, have no idea how to market them. 


So to sum up:

  • Massacre Records will not be releasing our new album.
  • The album has not been recorded yet, so it’s not like we can “just release it”.
  • This leaves us with several options, all of which we are more than ready for and eager to tackle:
  • Should we look for another label?
  • Should we pay for the recording ourselves and shop around for a licensing deal?
  • Should we adhere to the fact that the album, as a format, is in no way a requirement for making and releasing music today?
  • Should we skip a physical format all together and strictly release new music digitally?
  • Should we record a song or two, make a music video, release, and repeat the cycle ad infinitum?

We don’t know yet.


So there you go, you’ve been updated. 

For those who have been waiting patiently for an album – we are sorry. Truly. Sometimes these things just happen, without really anyone to blame (and we know how you feel – we’ve been waiting for a new My Vitriol album for 10 years now…)


What we do know, is this:

  • We will figure out the best course of action to take next, and try to get better at keeping you all up to date (the best way to stay updated on our shenanigans is to follow us on Twitter & Facebook).
  • New music from Mortal Love will come your way, but as we hope we’ve made clear – we’re in a sort of a limbo right now.
  • But that’s cool, we’ll come up with a good plan and hopefully, in the not too distant future, celebrate new music again with you – OUR BELOVED FANS. 
  • The new songs, and we KNOW you’ll love them, are there, just waiting to be set free…


Thank you,

the band.